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Harshad Satra

Passionate Web Developer | Vue.js | Nuxt.js | Node.js | AWS | Solution Expert

Harshad Satra


I have been working as a Frontend Software Developer at DocuX for over three years, where I design and develop web applications and components using Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Node.js, AWS, and other technologies. DocuX is the first end-to-end document lifecycle management platform that empowers users to create, collaborate, control, and execute documents and contracts with ease and efficiency.

  • Yellow Slice


  • Croma


  • DocuX


My passion for web development goes beyond aesthetics; I strive to create web experiences that are visually captivating, functionally seamless, SEO-friendly, fully accessible, and mobile-responsive. I have a strong background in UI/UX design, application programming interfaces, and web optimization, and I constantly explore new trends and technologies to enhance user satisfaction and engagement. I enjoy working with diverse and dynamic teams, and I'm always eager to learn from others and share my insights.


Vue.js | Nuxt.js | Node.js | AWS



We created Shwez Studio allowed to help grow and reach goals that I never imagined.

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